the follow button isn’t showing up and it’s really stressing me out

LIKE I TOLD NO you can follow blogs from the “following # blogs” page, there’s a field there for entering urls!

AUGH THE FOLLOW BUTTON WONT POP UP i’ll try again later >:T

no you can add me just from the “following # blogs” page if you just type in my url there

HEY GUYS so i think i’m gonna remake this blog

nothing happened or anything, it’s just 3 years old and Full of Stuff and i kinda feel like startin fresh with an empty blog

i’m not gonna delete this one or anything though!! i’m just gonna move all my blogs to a new account with a new mainblog, so soon i’ll be doing that and once NEW BLOG has been made i will post about it here!! it will probably have this same url and i will jsut change the url on this one because tbh im quite attached to it now :’)

i’m also really conflicted about how henry is written, especially circa season 1

on the one hand i love that he is this enormously complex character who seems super easygoing and carefree at first but he has tremendous depth and he holds onto a lot of anger and resentment deep inside and it makes him fascinating to watch and i sympathize with him a lot

on the other, i hate that he basically becomes a villain and that that anger and resentment is vilified

like you could have have a conflict of interest without making henry out to be a Bad Guy

and don’t get me started on kevins Magical Autism oh my goddddddd

HELLO my name is MADI (or oliver)! i am 24 years old and i live in albuquerque, new mexico. i study cognitive-functionalist linguistics and my superhero alter ego is PRINCESS PORTMANTEAU

vital facts, every one


ask me questions!!